EzProtect Virus Scanning for Salesforce

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During the Security Assessment we will identify:

  • Your Current Risk in Salesforce for Viruses and Cyberattacks

  • Prescribe the right strategies to help you mitigate these risks

  • ​Develop a 3-step Action Plan that you can use to get the protection you need ASAP

  • Bonus: Just for meeting with us we will send you our exclusive Salesforce Myth Busters where you will learn the Top 6 Myths about Virus Scanning in Salesforce. 

Jim, Salesforce Administrator

"My site has used EZProtect by Adaptus for nearly two years now and I cannot be happier with the product. We are a fairly large volume user (> 100k scans per month) of the product, and it is very close to real time scanning of documents and attachments. The installation, administration and usage are very simple. The product also does exactly what is says it will and keeps infected documents and files quarantined to prevent downloading to other platforms."

Risk Free Salesforce Security Assessment

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Advanced AI Scanning

Advanced AI Threat analysis of every file in your Salesforce environment

Bulletproof File Blocking

Bulletproof blocking of access to any file not deemed "Safe"

30-Day Guarantee

Risk-Free 30-day money back guarantee

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